Quality Assurance


Maxim’s continuing commitment to a total quality system is demonstrated throughout our MQAS procedures, originally based on compliance to the ISO 9002 quality assurance system.  This familiar system helps maintain a high level of quality in both product manufacturing and distribution.  Quality is a top priority throughout our company.  The Maxim Team works to give you the finest in metalworking fluids and lubricants.

The initial phase of the MQAS cycle begins with purchasing and raw materials inventory control.  The purchasing and inventory phase ensures approved inventory with a maintained depth for present and future requirements.

The pre-inspection phase employs selected products from approved vendors.   This quality control measure involves our own testing of raw materials, as well as pre-inspection of packaging/containers and compounding equipment.

The manufacturing phase includes quality production techniques to complete each  blend according to product specification.  Process control is maintained in part by the utilization of batch control numbers.  In addition to regulatory information, all containers are marked with its batch and formula number.

These control numbers are also used as reference for final QC approval and product distribution. This enables Maxim to employ a tracking system to trace each formulary component back to evidence of quality control documentation; pre- and post-inspection; as well as to the specific supplier of each raw material used. Extensive testing for formulary control, in-process production and final product evaluation is performed before any product is approved for packaging. Samples and data from each batch are retained by batch number.

Quality Customer Service is the most visible segment of our MQAS. Our representatives are well-trained in processing your sales orders and expediting shipments according to your requisitions. Our representatives work in concert with purchasing, production planning, shipping/receiving, and quality managers to make sure all customer contract/purchase order requirements are met.

The final phase of MQAS is our commitment to continual improvement of our own quality system. This phase is in constant review, to meet the customer’s quality requirements as an ongoing service. We have achieved approval as an audited, qualified manufacturer and distributor from many various companies and industries. These specific ratings are available upon request.

Throughout all major phases, and all minor phases within, MQAS is our dedication to your success by providing you with the finest in metalworking fluids, lubricants, and process chemicals.

If you have any questions email us to custserv@maximoil.com