Minimum Quantity Lubrication / Near-Dry Machining Bio-Based Fluids for Cutting and Forming Applications

A growing number of Manufacturers are finding outstanding benefits in both metal-cutting and metal-forming operations by implementing “MQL” and near-dry machining methods, tools, and lubricants to a diverse and expanding array of metal-working applications.

MAXUS bio-based, micro-lubrication fluids are designed for use as Minimal Quantity Lubricants (MQL) in design-appropriate micro-mists equipment.  They are recommended, where suited for moderate to severe (MQL) applications, in near-dry-machining as well as in metal-fabrication applications such as rolling and forming.

Advantages to Expect:
-Reduced Fluid Consumption
-Safer fluids/ Added Environmental Suitability
-Longer Tool Life
-Reduced Maintenance Costs
-Lower Disposal Costs
-Cleaner Shop Environment

MAXUS MQL fluids are formulated to be used with common “micro-lube” and “micro-mist” systems.
Your Maxim representative can make product recommendations to your specific application.

MAXUS VOR 3D Bio-Based MQL, highest levels of EP lubricity, moderate to severe applications; compatible with common applicator systems.
Viscosity 38-42cSt@40C.
MAXUS VME 110 Bio-Based MQL / Cutting fluid, high level of extreme pressure(EP) lubricity; compatible with common applicator systems.
Lower viscosity (23cSt@40C).