Metal Forming Products

Straight Drawing & Stamping Oils

Maxim manufactures a versatile group of oil soluble and water washable drawing and stamping compounds. From light stamping to heavy forming and deep drawing of ferrous and non ferrous metals; Maxim offers products that incorporate blends of extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers in various oil viscosities for each application. See “Product Codes” for a more complete list of available products.

Duradraw 750 Cu Stamping and forming copper( non-staining)
Duradraw 750 Cu Lite Light viscosity version of 750 Cu
Duradraw 440 Medium viscosity,40% chloro-paraffin
NC TAP w/ MoS2 Heavy, honey-like viscosity, polymeric esters / Molybdenum / Free of chloro-paraffin
Evaporative Oils

Maxim Manufactures lite evaporating oils that incorporate friction modifiers and EP additives carried in a blend of high flash (140F+) solvents for light duty stamping and forming of aluminum, copper and lite steels. Most require no cleaning after the process; many dry to a paint able surface. These have found applications in the automotive, air conditioning, and other sheet metal forming and stamping operations. In general vanishing oils have been banned within California’s South Coast Basin Air Quality Management District (AQMD) These products are not offered nor should they be sold or used within the AQMD basin under penalty of law per Rule 1144.

Emulsifiable Oils
Duradraw 747 HD Heavy duty stamping of steels, water soluble or use undiluted.
Duradraw 360 Soluble drawing compound for steels (Fatty esters and 12% chloro-paraffins).
Duradraw 756 White pigmented paste for heavy drawing of steels.