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March 18, 2019by AJ Neves0
Maxus NC Tap Premium Moly Tapping Fluid
MAXUS NC TAP multi functional compounds were developed specifically for cutting, tapping, reaming, and threading operations on ferrous metals. These non-petroleum, polymeric-ester-based products demonstrate extreme film strengths and are fortified with Extreme Pressure components, including MoS2, for increased tool-life and a superior finish on difficult-to-machine alloys.

Formulated free of chlorinated paraffin (CP).
Not Classified as Hazardous under OSHA HCS / GHS.

Contains EP/AW additives, including MoS2, to increase tool-life and reduce wear.

Extremely high film-strength provides outstanding wetting properties.

Contributes to optimum tool-life and superior finish.

Multi-metal compatible, non-staining.
Low smoking tendencies, low VOC, AQMD compliant.

Thermally stable in storage or service.

Uses in drawing and stamping applications

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