Maxim Petrochemical proudly manufactures and distributes industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids and process chemicals for the Metalworking, Aerospace, Energy, Heat Treating, Machining, Metal forming and many other industries across North America.  Utilizing the latest technology in an ever changing industry, Maxim Petrochemical is committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and the finest in industrial fluids.


At Maxim, our commitment to a strong customer/supplier relationship starts with people….. the right people. The Maxim Team is empowered to meet and exceed each and every customer expectation. From Customer Service to Technical Support and distribution, we provide our customers with unparalleled service and an unsurpassed experience.


Quality is a top priority for Maxim. From Purchasing and Inventory control to Production, Packaging and Logistics… Maxim is dedicated to a total quality system. Throughout all major and minor phases of our process we are dedicated to your success by providing you with the finest in metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants and process chemicals.

Metalworking Oils

Neat Cutting Oils, Honing Oils, Tapping Compounds, Grinding Oils.

Metalworking Fluids & Coolant Concentrates

Semi-Synthetics, Synthetics, Soluble Oils for your coolant needs.

Maxus NC TAP

Premier chlorine-free tapping compound.

MQL – Minimal Quantity Lubricants

Bio-based Lubricants specifically designed for use in MQL applications.

Gear Oils

GL, EP and R&O Series Premium Gear oils

Hydraulic Oils

oxidation resistance and corrosion protection, excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability, low pour points, foam resistance and high demulsibility

Slideway Oils

smooth operation under moderate and severe conditions and are recommended for machine tools which rely on slide-ways for precision and accuracy

Quenchants and Heat Treating Products

Quenchants and related Heat Treating Chemicals and Salts.

Rust Preventives

Chemicals for in-process rust protection, as well as indoor and outdoor storage.

Grinding Fluids

Oils, Semi-Synthetics, Synthetics and Soluble Oils for your grinding operations.

Maxim Oil & Chemical

Products and Services

Maxim Petrochemical manufactures and markets metalworking lubricants to end-users across the United States and Mexico. Our Dallas/Fort Worth facility also produces specialty industrial oils for major petrochemical marketers through contract toll blending and private labeling. Maxim Petrochemical is presently seeking business expansion opportunities in other regions through qualified distributors.

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