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Water Soluble/Water Extendable Cutting and Grinding Fluids



Conventional Soluble Oils <Go to Datafile>

Maxim soluble oils provide excellent corrosion protection for machined parts in-process; as well short term protection on finished parts during post production and indoor storage.  Their effective biostatic system make Maxim Conventional Soluble Oils highly resistant to microbial degradation/rancidity and therefore a great choice for both central systems and individual machine sumps.  Please contact your Maxim representative for product recommendations to your specific application.


Heavy Duty (EP) Soluble Oils

Maxim offers the "DURASOL" line of heavy duty, metalworking fluids for difficult machining applications where a premium, high EP soluble oil is desired.  These products incorporate blends of extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers in the compounded soluble system to provide exceptional performance characteristics in a variety of difficult machining operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


When mixed with water, these premium soluble oils form stable, white/opaque  emulsions that exhibit excellent cooling properties for superior finishes and increased tool-life.  Like our conventional soluble oils; the DURASOL Premium Heavy Duty soluble oils offer excellent corrosion protection for machined parts in-process; as well short term protection on finished parts during post production and indoor storage.


The DURASOL soluble mix easily in both hard and soft water and remain fluid in and on the surfaces of the machining center allowing slideways, chucks, and tooling to work freely without a hard-to clean dry or sticky residue.  The biostatic system formulated into this line of Maxim metalworking fluids affords a much higher resistance to microbial degradation and rancidity than most soluble oils. They have all earned high marks in operator acceptance and overall operating and maintenance cost.  The following products are our  most popular choices in Emulsifiable oils of this type:

Durasol 1000 A/ AV

premium soluble oil formulated free of chlorine / active sulfur.

Durasol 737 APS 

premium dual purpose soluble oil containing chlorine and sulfur.

Durasol 747 HD Sol.

high sulfur content,  recommended for tapping and  broaching applications.

Durasol 767 HDS

premium soluble oil containing high content of sulfur and chlorine.

Note :  Some defense contracts restrict the use of  chlorine of any kind  in metalworking fluids applicable to suspect corrosively on particular types of  machined parts. These oils do not contain "corrosive" chlorines but may be subject to various stipulations. 

For chlorine -free products with similar performance characteristics,  please see Maxim's  Semi-Synthetic Line of premium metalworking fluids including the "MAXUS" line of new generation, chemically compatible,  high performance metalworking fluids.  Your Maxim representative can make product recommendations to your specific application.



With continuing effort in the development of metalworking fluid systems and their components;  we at Maxim have established ourselves on the 'Cutting Edge' of metalworking technology.  Maxim's Semi-Synthetic line of metalworking fluids are by far our most popular; finding acceptance by performance and beneficial serviceability in the broadest spectrum of applications including those previously limited to the use of synthetics and soluble oils.

In 2003, Maxim introduced the " Maxus" line of  metalworking fluids.  These coolants exhibit excellent cooling properties and extreme pressure lubricity to provide extended tool life.  They are water-extendable; and at 3-10%, remain opaque,  absorbing  only a small amount of tramp oils in use.

Maxim Semi-Synthetics remain fluid in and on the surfaces of the machining center allowing slide ways, chucks and tooling to work freely without a hard-to-clean dry or sticky residue.  These features, along with their excellent resistance to microbial degradation and rancidity yield a longer coolant life in machine sumps and central coolant systems without special maintenance procedures. 

Maxim's standard and "Maxus" line of new generation metalworking fluid are formulated for enhanced environmental acceptance and have earned high marks in operator acceptance. 

Your Maxim representative can make product recommendations to your specific application.

Please select the following products for more information on Maxus Premium metalworking fluids:



MAXUS  Q2 Premium Metalworking Fluid




MAXUS NXT Premium Metalworking Fluid


MAXUS GS8 Premium Cutting and Grinding Fluid






Maxim manufactures a line of water extendable, oil rejecting, polyalkaline glycol based synthetic cutting and grinding fluids to perform exceptionally in a variety of machine operations.  


Maxim Synthetics reject tramp oils and remain fluid in and on the surfaces of the machining center allowing slide ways, chucks, and tooling to work freely without a hard-to-clean residue.  These coolants retain their oil rejecting characteristics in both soft and hard water;  an excellent choice for central coolant recovery systems where un-diminishing filterability and tramp oil separation is a contingency for favorable fluid recovery. 


All Maxim Synthetic metalworking fluids are formulated free of silicon, chlorine and diethanolamine for higher environmental and operator acceptance.

Your Maxim representative can make product recommendations to your specific application.

Please select the following products for more information on our most popular Maxim Synthetic Metalworking Fluids :

MAXUS M2 Premium Metalworking Fluid





Industrial/Machine Lubricants



Maxim Hydraulic Oils <Go to Datafile>

Maxim's premium quality Rust & Oxidation Inhibited and Anti-Wear Hydraulic oils are designed and formulated to meet or exceed the most stringent requirements of the major manufactures of industrial and mobile hydraulic equipment.  Maxim Hydraulic Oils are double oxidation inhibited and are available in ISO viscosity grades to meet the  requirements of essentially all hydraulic systems.  Maxim's Anti-Wear Hydraulic oils are also available in a Zinc-Free( ZF) version in their respective ISO viscosity grades.


Torque/Transmission Fluids

Maxim offers a line of premium automatic transmission fluids for car and truck transmissions and other commercial automotive and industrial applications that require specific types of torque converter fluids.  Maxim also manufactures Varium HVI Hydraulic / Torque Fluids.  This Maxim brand  'VARIUM' is a group of super high viscosity index, high shear,  torque / hydraulic oils for severe industrial  applications where  localized system temperatures require the highest thermal, viscosity, and fluid film stability.


Straight Mineral Oils

Maxim offers from blend stock,  non- additive base stocks for manufacturing applications such as ink, paint & textiles mfg.;  plastics and rubber processing;  form release lubricants,  grease and other petrochemical compounding; as well as industrial lubrication applications where compounded lubricants with film strength additives and a high resistance to oxidation cannot be justified. Maxim offers these oils in ISO viscosity grades from 8 to 680 in both paraffin and napthenic base stocks with typical Viscosity Indexes as high as 105 and as low as 35, respectively.


Slideway Lubricants <Go to Datafile>

"DuraWay" oils comprise a family of products developed for the lubrication of machine tool ways.  These lubricants are compounded from paraffin base stocks and have been fortified with selected friction reducing and extreme pressure additives to form a group of oils possessing the film strength and lubricity necessary to eliminate slideway chatter and the stick-slip wear of machine tables under extreme loads.


DuraWay oils are available in suitable viscosity grades and far exceed most machine tool manufacturers requirements for slideway oils.  These slideway lubricants are designed for use in concert with the new generation of synthetic and water-extendible metalworking fluids in high tech machining centers. 




Spindle Lubricants

Maxim Spindle Oils* are light-viscosity, compounded paraffin based oils designed to provide protective lubrication in the high speed spindles of today's machine tools.  They are available in ISO viscosity grades ( 22 & 32) for specific machine tool applications.


Gear Oils and Greases

Maxim offers a complete line of compounded industrial gear oils and greases for commercial and industrial applications.  High temp lithium, high temp bentone, multipurpose EP, MoS2( molybdenum disulfide) containing gear oils and greases.  All have superior resistance to oxidation combined with excellent lubrication protection within their specific service range application.  Consult your machine manufacturer for lubricant type and viscosity grade.


Compressor Oils

Maxim offers a complete line of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and petroleum base compressor oils formulated to meet  compressor equipment manufactures performance specifications in both rotary and screw type compressors.  Consult compressor manufacturers lubrication specifications for type and viscosity grade.  


Metal Forming Products



Straight Drawing & Stamping Oils

Maxim manufactures a versatile group of oil soluble and water washable drawing and stamping compounds. From light stamping to heavy forming and deep drawing of ferrous and non ferrous metals;  Maxim offers products that incorporate blends of extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers in various oil viscosities for each application.  See "Product Codes" for a more complete list of available products.




Duradraw 750 Cu

Stamping and forming copper( non-staining)

Duradraw 750 Cu Lite

Light viscosity version of 750 Cu

Duradraw 440

Medium viscosity,40% chloro-paraffin

Duradraw 558

Heavy, honey-like viscosity; 60% Chloro-paraffin


Evaporative Oils

Maxim Manufactures lite evaporating oils that incorporate friction modifiers and EP additives carried in a blend of high flash (140F+) solvents for light duty stamping and forming of aluminum, copper and lite steels.  Most require no cleaning after the process; many dry to a paint able surface.  These have found applications in the automotive, air conditioning, and other sheet metal forming and stamping operations.  In general vanishing oils have been banned within California's South Coast Basin Air Quality Management District (AQMD) These products are not offered nor should they be sold or used within the AQMD basin under penalty of law per Rule 1144. 


Emulsifiable Oils

Duradraw  747 HD

Heavy duty stamping of steels, water soluble or use undiluted.

Duradraw 360

Soluble drawing compound for steels (Fatty esters and 12% chloro-paraffins).

Duradraw 756

White pigmented paste for heavy drawing of steels.


Rust Preventives

Emulsifiable, Water Extendable and Water Displacing Oils

Maxim offers an array of fast drying, solvent based rust preventives that provide excellent corrosion protection for machined parts in-process;  finished parts during post production and indoor storage,  as well as long term outdoor protection.  Duracote RPs offer film types and thick nesses from light and oily, to soft and waxy; to hard, dry and durable.  Maxim blends rust preventives to military and /or Customer specifications.

Maxim's "Duracote" water Emulsifiable rust preventives are as tough and durable in like applications as their solvent and oil-based counterparts.  All offer similar films and protection without the concern of flammability when applying solvent based materials in environments that may prove to be dangerous.

Maxim's "Duracote" water  extendible  synthetic rust preventives are formulated to provide indoor corrosion protection on metal parts in process following machining or cleaning;  and for short term storage (up to 12 months depending on the storage environment)


Duracote 200 w/s

Emulsifiable Oil, especially suited for use after conversion coatings


Solvent Base Rust Preventive (Similar to WD-40)Not compliant to California        AQMD Rule 1144.  Not for sale or use within Caiifornia's AQMD.


Solvent Base(140F), water displacing (firm, dry film).Not compliant to California      AQMD Rule 1144.  Not for sale or use within Caiifornia's AQMD.


Solvented, cures to heavy, dry, translucent film, outdoor storage. Not compliant to California AQMD Rule 1144.  Not for sale or use within Caiifornia's AQMD.

Duracote Syn-B Water Extendable  Synth. Borate amine
Duracote Syn-C Water Extendable  Synth. Carbox. salts.  Boron free


Please contact your Maxim representative for a product recommendation for your specific application.


Specialty Products

Maxim Oil & Chemical  regularly formulates and  manufactures  industrial metalworking lubricants and process chemicals for special and commercial applications and to our customer's specifications and criterion.


Black Oxide / Phosphate Finishes &  Associated Conversion Coatings


Maxim Oil & Chemical is proud to represent HEATBATH CORP. for Chemicals applicable to metal-finishing, conversion coatings, and associated process chemicals.

Chromate Conversion Coatings

Black Oxide Finishing

Metal Cleaners & Brighteners

Phosphate coatings


Metal Strippers


Maxim represents Heatbath Corp. in the southern regions of the United States.  Please contact Maxim or Heatbath directly in Springfield Mass. Ph.(413-543-3381).


Metalworking Oils

Maxim  knows Metalworking...Maxim formulates and manufactures what we believe to be the most complete and comprehensive line of petroleum-based metalworking oils on the market today.

Conventional dark or transparent; active sulfur or inactive,  chlorine free;  dual purpose, tri-purpose...for cutting,  threading, gun drilling, hobbing,  honing & grinding, as well as screw machine oils...

A compounded quality metalworking oil for every material in every application.

Please select  a  "DATA FILE" category for complete descriptions,  specifications, and performance recommendations  from Maxim's  standard lines of metalworking oils.


DURACUT D-SERIES CONVENTIONAL CUTTING OILS (Dark) Conventional "active" Sulfo/Lard-ester oils for difficult machining  (Dark).
DURACUT C-SERIES CONVENTIONAL CUTTING OILS (Transparent) Conventional "active" Sulfo/Lard-ester oils for difficult machining  (Transparent).
DURACUT EJECTOR/ GUNDRILL OILS High performance metalworking oils for deep hole drilling on difficult to machine alloys


Sulfur-inactive, chlorine-free, transparent, paraffin based oils with Sulfo-polyoleofin package for low smoke, low mist, high temp tolerance.  Applications include Aluminum and Screw machine applications.
DURAHONE 210-C  /  DURAHONE HH Honing & grinding oils

These are the "STANDARD" lines of Maxim Metalworking oils.  We also blend to customer's specifications and application.

Your Maxim representative can make product recommendations to your specific application.


Heat Treating Products


Quench Oils

Maxim compounds and blends a line of paraffin based, fast quench oils for the heat treating industry.  Our "benchmark " and most popular product in this line is Duratherm "G"


Duratherm G is a premium quality high speed quench oil that exhibits a GM Quenchometer speed of 10-12 seconds( Ni ball).




Maxim  manufactures no salts for heat treating applications.  However;  Maxim represents Heatbath Park Metalurgical Corp. in Springfield, Ma  for salt bath applications including; quenching, hardening, tempering, case hardening, etc.



Polymer Quenchants

POLYMAX 'A" is a concentrated aqueous solution of polyalkalene glycol and corrosion inhibitors.  At room temperature, the organic polymer in POLYMAX A is completely soluble in water forming a homogeneous solution.  The polymer becomes less soluble with increasing temperature and separates from the water as a discrete water insoluble phase at temperatures above 165deg.F.

This polymer-rich phase forms on the surface of hot metal parts being quenched in the bath solution of Polymax 'A'.  The thickness of this polymer-water gel film, which retards the heat transfer between the work piece and quench solution, depends mainly on the concentration of polymer in the quench bath and determines its quench effect ( other factors include bath temperature and agitation).

By means of proper selection of concentration, bath temperature, and rate of agitation,  the quench effect of Polymax 'A' solutions can be controlled over a very wide range:  From the effect of water; to cooling speeds much slower than quench oils.  Polymax 'A' is much cleaner than quench oils and eliminates fire hazards.

Polymax 'A' is available nitrite inhibited or with a non-nitrite corrosion inhibitor.

Also see PARQUENCH 90 for a compatible "PVP" quenchant.

Your Maxim representative can make product recommendations to your specific application.


Water Quench Additives

'POWDER QUENCH'  is a Sodium Nitrite based water quench additive manufactured to replace brine to inhibit vapor formation in water-quench bath solutions. 

Your Maxim representative can provide information on this and other applications for Powder Quench.



Machine/Sump Cleaners/General Cleaners

Maxim manufactures machine / sump cleaners / conditioners to be utilized in the machine sump and mechanically on the machine surfaces to clean and condition the machining center coolant reservoir prior to the introduction of Maxim metalworking coolants.  Please ask your Maxim representative for information on the following cleaning products as it pertains to your application:

Duraclean 215 (Heavy Duty, Hot alkaline soak cleaner,~ 20% caustic for soak tanks,140-180F).
Duraclean 515 (Floor soap/ Suitable as General cleaner)
Duraclean 615 (General cleaner)
Duraclean 815 (Cleaner/ conditioner for soluble oils and semi-synthetics).
Duraclean 915 (General cleaner).
Duraclean B  (General cleaner/ very mild / for Semi-Synthetics).
Titan HC (Industrial- strength hand-soap).

All Maxim cleaners contain sources of alkalinity and are expected to be eye and skin irritants in concentrate and in diluted use.


  Vibratory Soaps w/ Rust Preventive

"Vibrachem";  non-etching vibratory soap concentrates that are inhibited for in-process corrosion protection on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Vibrachem M-16 Vibratory soap concentrate (Med. to Hvy-duty) non-etching
Vibrachem M-18 Vibratory soap concentrate (Hvy-duty) non-etching
Vibrachem M-20 Vibratory soap concentrate (Hvy-duty to WOW) non-etching



Contract Toll Blending

Maxim Oil & Chemical  regularly formulates and  manufactures  industrial metalworking lubricants and process chemicals for special and commercial applications and to our customer's specifications and criterion.

Contract and toll blending constitutes a portion of Maxim's production at present and we intend to expand our efforts in contract blending aggressively.



Competent, quality personnel


MQAS/ ISO9002 qualified quality manufacturing system providing step-by-step monitoring from purchasing to inventory, pre- to post manufacturing qualifications; and excellent contract record  traceability. ( please see "Quality Assurance")


In house and local pre-approved raw material inventory.


In house quality control testing capabilities.


Single batch sizes (heated) from 55 - 5500 gallons


Capacities to blend and package  materials in quantities such as : 5 gallon pails; 55 gallon drums, totes; and tank cars.


Specializing in soluble oils, water extendable semi-synthetics, and synthetic metalworking coolants.


Geographic location:  We are located in North Texas, in the Dallas/ Fort worth area.


25 years of experience in the compounding and blending of commercial and metalworking lubricants for industry.

Please contact :  

Lee Neves
Maxim Metalworking Lubricants  
208 Shelby Rd.  
Everman, Tx  76140
or E- Mail
Ph 817 293 4645



Information contained herein is believed to be correct and reliable.  However, Maxim Petrochemical Corporation does not assume liability for it or for recommendations of our representatives inasmuch as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control.  Further, we make no warranty, expressed or implied, of any kind regarding those products or their use and purchaser assumes all risks of use or handling either in accordance with directions or not


The information and recommendations contained herein are, to the best of the knowledge and belief of Maxim Petrochemical Corporation, accurate and reliable as of the date issued.  Maxim does not warrant or guarantee their reliability, and Maxim shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of use thereof.

The information and recommendations are for the user's consideration and examination.  Conditions of use are beyond Maxim's control and therefore users are responsible to verify this data under their own operating conditions to determine whether the product is suitable for their particular purposes and they assume all risk of their use, handling, and disposal of the product(s).  This information relates only to the product(s) designated herein and does not relate to its use in combination with any other material or in any other process.


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